Meet Kayiri


Come and enter the shattered, sometimes intimate, sometimes illuminated universe of Kayiri. Think what you want is a show featuring a multi-faceted artist who wants to share her reality in all simplicity. A mix of body and spirit, Kayiri will transmit her joy of living and her freedom through the power and strength of her poetry. 

A Few Words

As a professional violinist, the warmth and accuracy of her sweet voice has already won over a large audience thanks to various projects she has collaborated on, including K-Iri, Bad Nylon, Forró Brasa, and several others. She has had the opportunity to perform at festivals all over the world (Québec, Senegal, Morocco, Brazil, United States, and France) and has gathered a multitude of experiences that she will share with you. Sometimes humorous, sometimes dramatic, “Think what you want!” is the soul hip hop project you need to laugh, relax, and above all, take a journey of the heart.










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